Dental Technology Studio

6th Appointment

Delivery to patient. The prosthesis is delivered to the restorative doctor with the final abutment screws. The screw access holes can be filled with Teflon tape and capped with composite or acrylic resin.
Conventional Full Arch Hybrid Prosthesis Workflow

5th Appointment

Doctor confirms passive fit of framework with the one screw test. Doctor confirms, esthetics, phonetics and function of the hybrid prosthesis. The Doctor returns it to the laboratory for processing.

4th Appointment

Doctor confirms esthetics and bite relationship. The Lab will then make an index of the set up to the cast and design and fabricate the framework. We will also treat and opaque the framework and reset the teeth on the framework in wax.

3rd Appointment

Doctor takes centric record, opposing cast impression, study cast of existing prosthesis and completes shade and mould selection and face bow if indicated. During this appointment the verification index is used to confirm accuracy of the master cast. In case of an inaccuracy this index can be utilized to update the accuracy of the master cast. After this information is transmitted to the lab, we will mount the casts and set up the teeth

2nd Appointment

Doctor takes final open tray impression for the fabrication of a master cast a verification index and bite rim.