Dental Technology Studio

Acrylic Partial Dentures with Wire Clasps

Our DTS2 Acylic Partial Dentures are made with Lucitone 199 a very strong and versatil acrylic . An acrylic partial denture can be made when 2 or more of patient’s natural teeth remain in his/her upper or lower jaw, and can be used to anchor the partial. This removable partial denture usually consists of replacement teeth set in pink or gum colored acrylic resin. One or more wire clasps are placed around the natural teeth to assist in retention of the partial denture. Sometimes the metal rests are placed on the natural teeth to prevent the acrylic partial from putting too much pressure on the gums during chewing. It is worth all efforts to save lower teeth, so they can be used to support the partial denture.

Valplast, Metal Combination

To provide more Aesthetic to your patients, we offer the combination Vitallium and Valplast where we replace metal clasps for the convinient flexible Valplast material, This is an excellent choice for patient that won’t want to show metal when smilling.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Our Flexible Partials is the new generation of thermoplastics. It offers patients a more stain resistant, more comfortable and stronger appliance than previous thermoplastics. Now you and your patient can choose an appliance that is custom design for both esthetics and functionally. Our Valplast Flexible partials replace unsightly metal clasp with tissue colored clasp available in three shapes (regular, light and meharry) this partial can be combine with Vitallium 2000 metal for increase strength and esthetics excellence. We Process them in our Laboratory and you can get them in 5 days or less.

Partial Dentures

Our Premium Partials are made with VITALLIUM 2000 a biocompatible metal which maintain its lusters and produces an appliance which is lighter more adjustable and more fracture resistance than other metals. DTS will be happy to assist in case planning and designs option. Our tooths colored and clears clasps are available for more esthetics options. You and your patients will love this cosmetically superior hidden clasp.